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Centre Of Pressure Apparatus

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This experiment is designed to help you understand how to locate the center of pressure and compute the hydrostatic force acting on a submerged surface.

• To determine experimentally the resultant hydrostatic force (total force) applied on a submerged surface.
• To determine the experimental and the theoretical center of pressure.

Description of the apparatus:

The apparatus consists of a transparent rectangular water tank that supports a counter balance arm. Attached to the counter balance arm is a torroidal quadrant. The tank has a drain at one end and a leveling screw at each corner of its base. On the top edge of the tank are two knife-edge supports that hold the counter balance arm. The counter-balance arm has an adjustable weight at one end and a weight pan at the other end. The arm is balanced by the use of a level mounted in the middle of the arm. Finally, a hook gauge mounted at one end of tank is used to measure water level.



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