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Hydraulic Tilting Flume

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  • An arrangement to obtain quiescent flow.
  • Gates for regulatory the depth of  flow, one at the upstream and the other at the downstream.
  • A point gauge trolley for depth measurement.
  • Tilting bed
  • Models of Sharp load crested and Ogee weir, Venturiflume etc.
  • Transparent middle half test section for visualization of flow over test section.


The flume consists of a channel of. Size as in specicifications. At the inlet a flow steadying section is provided so that there will be fewer disturbances at the test section. The gates provided at the upstream and downstream of the test section help to regulate the depth of flow. Depth measurements can be achieved with the help of a hook or point gauge; mounted on a trolley which gives longitudinal and transverse movement. The slope of the bed can be adjusted to give positive or negative slopes.


  1. Study cf open channel flow with slope.
  2. Study of specific energy curve.
  3. Study of hydraulic jump.
  4. Study of Nape profiles over a Sharp crested weir.
  5. Calibration of Sharp crested. Broad crested and Ogee weir.
  6. Calibration of a Venturi flume.


  1. Size-0.3 m width.   0.6 m depth & 6 m test section length.
  2. A point gauge mounted on a trolley.
  3. Inlet pipe piece containing an orifice in it.
  4. A differential manometer (without mercury)
  5. A screw jack for adjusting slope.
  6. A model of a Sharp crested Weir.
  7. A model o f a Broad crested weir.
  8. A model of an Ogee weir.
  9. A model of Venturi flume.


  1. Suitable water supply arrangement.
  2. Suitable drainage or return gutter arrangement.
  3. Mercury 0.5 kg approximately for manometer.
  4. Floor Space required Model TF 60.: 12 m X4 m


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