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Series & Parallel Pump Test Rig

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Two identical pumps operated in parallel approximately double the discharge while preserving the same head. Likewise, when two identical pumps should connected in series. The discharge rate should be same as that from one pump but the head is approximately doubled. It is often more economical to for two pumps in series or parallel operation rather then a single larger one which may be underutilized for much of the time. In the former arrangement one pump may be switched off when demand is low, thereby operating at the higher efficiency and also enabling maintenance to be done on the idle unit.


1. Pumps : 1 HP, 40 to 50 LPM discharge at 20m. Head, 2 nos.
2. Motor : 2880 rpm of suitable capacity with variable speed drive.2 nos
3. Measurement  Tank OR  Rotameter : To measure discharge .
4. Energy meter : To measure electrical input.
5. Pressure and vacuum gauges - one each for each pump.
6. Digital speed indicator - 2 nos.
7. Sump Tank of suitable capacity.
8. Necessary piping and valves for series and parallel operation of the pumps.


1) Performance evaluation of individual pumps.
2) Study of performance of pump in series and parallel combinations.


A manual is to be supplied which gives details of the apparatus and procedure of experiments.



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