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Static & Dynamic Balancing Machine

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The apparatus enables the students to experimentally balance a rotating mass system and to verify the analytical relations.


  1. Independent analysis of Static and Dynamic balancing.
  2. Adjustable balance weights with variable moments.
  3. Accurate measurement of balance weight position both radially and  longitudinally.


The apparatus consists of a steel shaft fixed in a rectangular frame.  A set of four blocks with a clamping arrangement is provided.  For static balancing, each block is individually clamped on shaft and its relative weight is found out using cord and container system in terms of number of steel balls.
For dynamic balancing, a moment polygon is drawn using relative weights and angular and axial positions of blocks are determined.  The blocks are clamped on shaft is rotated by a motor to check dynamic balance of the system.
The system is provided with angular and longitudinal scales and is suspended with chains for dynamic balancing.


  1. Static balancing of system using steel balls.
  2. Dynamic balancing of a simple rotating mass system.
  3. Observation of effect of unbalance in a rotating mass system.


  1. Drive Motor – F.H.P. Universal motor.
  2. Balancing Weights – 4 nos with different sized drills for varying the unbalance.
  3. Cord and container system with precision steel balls for relative weight measurement.


1. 230 V.A.C.  Single phase electric supply.


1. 0.75 m X 0.5 m space area at working height.
2. Weight 30 kg.(approximately)



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