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Pin & Disc Wear Apparatus

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The 'SUPERSONIC' apparatus consists of a steel disc whose top surface is case hardened and ground. The disc is rotated by a single ph. Induction motor at 3 different speeds. The test pin is inserted in a pin guide so that one end of pin touches the rotating disc. The pin guide is mounted on a cantilever to which spring balance is attached.
The pin is inserted in the pin guide. The disc is set to rotate at the required speed. The required load is put over the pin and wear of the pin is measured for a time interval of 5 minutes. Different materials can be tested at different speeds, bearing pressures and either lubricated or non lubricated form.


  1. DISC  -  Case hardened steel disc, dia. 200 mm max speed 2700 rpm. Max. surface speed 26.5 m/s.
  2. Driver motor  -  1 HP, 2800 rpm, single ph. Induction motor with 3 speed V – belt pulley.
  3. Pins  -  Dia. 12 mm + 0.000 / -0.005 mm, Aluminium, brass and cast iron – 1 No. each, with pin guide.
  4. Lubricant tank with pipe for lubricated testing.
  5. Spring balance 1 kg.
  6. Analogue displacement measurement unit for measurement unit for measurement of wear of pin, range – 0-10 mm,  L.C. 0.01 mm. A splash arrester and protective cover is provided around the disc.

Weight of materials (Dia. 12 mm.)

  1. Aluminium  =  2.5 gm / cm length
  2. Brass  =  9.72 gm/ cm length
  3. C.I.  =  8.82  gm / cm length.

Hardness of materials

  1. Aluminium  =  103  BHN
  2. Brass  -  127  BHN
  3. C. I.  -  205 BHN


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